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Why have YOU decided to become a Trader?
Making a lot of money on the market is the obvious goal for all who trade the stock market. Whether you are trading stocks as an investment – someone who buys a stock(s) and holds onto the stock for an indefinite period of time, ordinarily longer than a year, or you trade daily/weekly – the end result is that of profitable gain. You want to make money. But remember, trading stocks carries risks. Never trade with money that you are not prepared to lose – your bond repayment/child’s school fees.


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There exists a misconception that it takes a specific type of person to infiltrate and be successful in the financial stock markets; this is simply not true. To be successful in the financial market, you need to get financial education and be regularly active in it. The use of financial jargon often confuses people, but most of the market is straightforward; some of it relies on the philosophy of buying and selling stock. Generation Wealth’s mission is to ensure that all people have access to the opportunity to become financially independent. Our main objective is to provide people with financial information and education to equip them with what they need on their journey to financial independence.

Generation Wealth offers you the chance to make your first step to financial independence with stock market and investment training courses. The ultimate intention is to make a lot of money by trading on the stock market; even when you are trading as an investment, the end result is to gain a profit. It is important to always have a realistic view of the stock market; trading in the stock market carries risk, be sure that you understand this before you venture into it. It is crucial to never use money that you can’t afford to lose, e.g. your children’s school fees or a bond repayment.

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Generation Wealth want to surround our client with knowledgeable people to build a mutual beneficial relationship for the client and Stock Generation Wealth to grow in all aspect of live. we help you to build your own business with us.

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